Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Everyone gone? Just you and me? [Not for publication, Soy]

Whew.  All right, folks.  Those of you who actually check this site for the early version of most of my articles (I think there's about a dozen or so of you), thank you so much for reading and saying hello at the bouts.

And I realize that it's a little weird...but I want to say a few thank-yous, if you'll allow me.

To those on the teams and the volunteer staff who've fed me useful information, I surely owe you a drink.  Soy, Frau, Scarmen, MTR, Diamond, Citizen, 'Hertz, Apron, Umpire, hell, anybody who's grabbed the guy in the brown suit and told him things...thank you. Everything that you tell me about what I'm seeing makes it just that much easier.  

Flip...sweet mercy, man.  For those of you who don't know Our Man Flip, Flip joined the stats table last year after accumulating a remarkable amount of information on Season Four that resulted in a brilliant statistical analysis for the season championship.  We got him working for us and he's been dropping off stat sheets in my mailbox after every bout to make sure I get things right.  All the mistakes are mine, not his.  Thank you, sir.

And oh yes...I have an editor.  Every bit of thanks to my Bombshell-lovin' missus, Sherry...she gets first crack at the recaps and usually calls me out on something that just doesn't parse about five times a writeup.  If you like the way I write, thank her for any consistency that I show.

Finally...Mitzi Massacre, if you're reading, thanks for giving me the job.  I'm not sure you quite intended so much writing from me, but it's been fun.  

If you don't see me sooner, you get the dubious honor of watching me running around at the Brawl, when I'll be taking a break from writing 2000+ word diatribes on MNRG and running...ummm...the live blog and Twitter feed.  And writing the BoA website.

Ok, so I'm not really taking a break.  

Take care, all.

By the bye, if anyone has a line on cheap Black and Red flame 'Vogs...well, I'm working on a new outfit for next year.  Yes, I know cheap 'Vogs are basically an oxymoron.  But hey, it's worth a shot.  Let me know. -gk

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mark jarvis said...

(Teebo here). Good stuff, man.