Thursday, July 9, 2009

Season six farewells

Before the sixth season begins in earnest for the Minnesota RollerGirls, we want to acknowledge several players who will not be playing next year. You'll still see these players in the stands as they cheer on their teammates; join us in wishing them the best!

Going to Class C (eligible to play and work on league business, but not an active player):

Dagger Dolls:
  • Lydia Punch
  • Roxanne Rolls
  • Rebel Stella
  • Fixie Chic
  • Mary Tyler Roar
  • Kim Jong Kill
Atomic Bombshells:
  • CleoSPLATra
  • Eve L Hazard
Garda Belts:
  • Demora Liza
  • Cupcake
  • Ann E Briated
  • Lil' Hellion
Retiring from the MNRG:

  • Jawbreaker
Much more news coming; upcoming bouts are being planned, the Brawl of America is only two months away, and the sixth season begins in October. See you soon at the Roy!

1 comment:

mark jarvis said...

Sad. Lotsa solid players there. All will be missed.