Friday, October 23, 2009

Devils down Angels 88-48

The Minnesota RollerGirls recruit their newest members in the heat of June.  As summer's heat passes, these recruits get drafted and begin working with the four teams...but in years past that left months before a new player would be seen at the Roy.  Last year, we began running league mixers to show off the rookies and get everyone back in front of the Roy crowd from the very first bout.  As an opener to each All-Star bout this year, we're starting up the mixers again.  This month: a frothy concoction of roller Angels and derby Devils.

After the introduction of over fifty players for the two teams - names of veterans, rookies, and retired skaters of old - the whistles blew and co-captains for their respective teams Mae Gusta (Devils) and Tara Skatesov (Angels) sped off the jammer line. Mae took the first lead of the MNRG's sixth season with a fast run through the inside of the back straightaway, while Tara got held back by Demora Liza and Shiver Me Kimbers.  Tara got held back just enough so that Mae could get a full five points. 

Sparkle Ninja (Angels) and Dieann Isis (Devils) then took to the line.  The refs called Ninja on a false start minor (and therefore could not become lead jammer) but shot through the pack nonetheless.  Isis finally also busted through without taking the lead, but could only gather three points against Sparkle Ninja's 13. Devil (and Dagger Doll) rookie Patently Offensive then grabbed her first MNRG jammer lead against the Angels' Anita Spankston, who fell afoul of Devil sweeper Diamond Rough. P.O. grabbed eight points, then ran straight into an Angel from behind and got sent out on back-blocking.  Anita found her footing and took four points of her own. Angels up 17-16 with twelve to go.

Angel rookie Killaman Jaro went to the line unopposed while Patently finished out her penalty.  However, by the time that Killaman's road had been cleared by her teammate Damnzelsly, Patently Offensive had already left the box and stolen the lead.  Both players scored two.  Shady O'Dread got the first Angel lead and grabbed two points as her opponent - Abbie Mischief - got waylaid by Rollercat.  However, Shady then got sent to the box along with two other Angels, giving Abbie (an All-Star when not wearing the wings) a massive opening to score a triple slam against an Angel-depleted pack.  The Devils took the lead (33-21) with nine left on the clock.

Trixie Whipsum - Rockit of seasons past - took an unopposed lead getting past Candi Pain and Flora Flipabitch.  However, Shady came out of the box, broke out of the pack and got past her; both scored two.  Rumblebee got the Devils' fifth lead jam, took an inside line unhindered by Angels and added five. Angel Tara Skatesov got the next lead and took a bit of a risk as she allowed her jam to continue as her opponent Patently Offensive went past.  The gamble paid off; P.O. got sent to the box after passing only one Angel, while Tara scored eight on the power jam.  She might have scored more; Tara called for her team to strand the Devils past the twenty foot point of engagement, but the team couldn't execute quickly enough for the jammer to capitalize. 41-31 Devils with three to go.

With Patently Offensive still in the box, Killaman Jaro started unopposed, and took a beautiful belt-assisted whip off of Angel blocker Little Tornado.  However, she still lost the lead to a faster Offensive, who scored ten. Devils captain Mae Gusta finished the half off with another double slam; the Devils ahead 61-32.

Retired Bombshell Betty Bruiser put on the jammer horns for the Devils against Sparkle Ninja to begin the second half. Betty broke the pack first, but Sparkle got the clean lead and called it off before Betty could start lapping.  Rumblebee next had a brilliant run for the Devils; she found space on the inside to clear through for the lead and withstood some fierce hits (including an illegal one from Angel rookie Alisin Chains) to score nine before the end of the jam. 

Angel Killaman Jaro grabbed the next lead as the refs sent opposing jammer Velvet Hammer (formerly of the Atomic Bombshells) to the box.  Killaman scored two before getting called out for track-cutting just as the jam expired.  Because both jammers were either serving time or heading to the box as time expired, both stayed in with Velvet able to leave as the next jam began.  Velvet broke right through the pack and scored three for the Devils before getting forced out by Candi and cutting back in...a fourth minor penalty for Velvet, which meant another trip to the box.  Killaman returned to the track when Velvet sat down, picked up the lead, but could not score.  After eight minutes in the half, the Devils' margin had increased to almost forty. 73-34 Devils.

Shiver Me Kimbers and Shady O'Dread then stepped to the line for their teams; through a knotty set of penalty calls involving a massive pileup in which neither jammer fell small (giving both a penalty), and a second subsequent penalty for both within two minutes, both jammers ended up keeping the jammer stars, but starting the next jam from the penalty box.  Kimbers took the next lead quickly as she raced from the box and called off the jam.

The fouls settled down as Sparkle Ninja and the Devils' Betty Bruiser returned to the line.  Betty grabbed a great whip off of Demora for the lead, but the Sparkly One was right behind her.  The Angels' Candi blocked in Betty, who called off the jam before Sparkle could advance.  The Angels started scoring again in the next two jams as jammers Tara and Anita grabbed points and their Angelic cohorts Rolls Wilder and Bonnie Rotten stymied their opponents. 

With only a minute to go, the score stood at 73-48 with the Devils in the lead, so the Angels sent back Sparkle Ninja to the jammer line to play against Mae Gusta for a last roll of the dice.  The Devils had not scored for ten minutes; it seemed that momentum was on the Angels' side...but it was not to be.  Sparkle slammed into Diamond Rough while Mae made her dizzying course through the Angel pack for the lead.  Mae pulled a triple slam off before she called the jam - final score 88-48 Devils over Angels.

The frequent use of rookie players appeared to sap the strength of the Angels, particularly when All-Stars like Candi Pain and Tara Skatesov would call a play and the team couldn't quite respond in time.  That said, newly-minted Dagger Doll Rollercat and Garda Belt rookie Damnzelsly put some great hits on the Devils as Angel defense.  As for the Devils, some good play - their packs were tight with Mae, Norah Torious, and Diamond squeezing the Angels out of play...and amidst some great Devil jams, the rookie Patently Offensive got off to an impressive start.  Congratulations to the diabolical horde for overthrowing the Roy.  Thank you for joining us and we'll see you next month!

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