Sunday, January 31, 2010

Black Beats Blue in Twin City Terror Opener

In its opening hometeam bout, the TCTs fielded two teams - Black and Blue.  The final names are being voted on by the teams' fans and will be announced in the concluding bout on March 27th.  The first twenty-five minute half began with Black's Wet Spot scoring an opening salvo for four against Blue's Johnny Pocket Rocket.  The score differential grew to seven until MC Thresher for Blue grabbed nine and the lead for Blue after ten minutes, using JPR's front blocking to shoot past the Black pack, 17-15 Blue.  Black's Timchilla took the lead back on the next jam, scoring a double-slam-plus for fourteen (29-17 Black with twelve to go).  The Black hung onto that lead throughout the remainder of the half.  Their blockers showed just a little more pack presence, watching for the Blue jammers on the turns, and some particularly fine blocking from Deathrow Tull and Bustin Morenose seemed to make the difference.  40-31 at the half.

After a halftime bout played by supporters from the North Stars and the MNRG, the boys in Black and Blue burst back on the track.  Black's jammers - led by Dirty Larry and Bruce Knuckle - took six of the first nine jams of the half taking the score to 74-42 Black with ten minutes remaining.  Blue made several adjustments to their jammer bench - relying on Johnny and the six-foot-six manbeast Killsbury Doughboy - and controlled the clock for the last minutes.  However, each lead jam could only score five or less points against a triumphant Black pack.  As time expired, Black won the Terrors' first home match, 83-60.

The Terrors' next match will be on February 27th at Cheap Skate.  See you there!

Top jammers:

Bruce Knuckle 36 pts (6-10)
Eagon Strangler 13 pts (3-6)
Timchilla 19 pts (2-7)
Bustin Morenose 0 pts (0-1)
Wet Spot 6 pts (2-4)
Dirty Larry 13 pts (4-6)
Deathrow Tull 0 pts (1-1)

Johnny Pocket Rocket 12 pts (5-11)
Blunt Damage 21 pts (4-6)
MC Thresher 16 pts (3-7)
Killsbury Doughboy 4 pts (2-2)
Wernher Van Bombed 7 pts (1-2)
Whiplash 0 pts (1-3)
Husker Stu 0 pts (0-2)


kj said...

One slight correction: It's Eagon Strangler. Kinda like the Ghostbuster.

Garrison Killer said...

Noted and corrected, KJ. I was a bit confused because I seemed to recall that 'Eagon' from Ghostbusters was spelled 'Egon'. Boo on me for not checkng with the player.

kj said...

Yeah, I though it was Egon, too, but I'm fairly sure he's got it as Eagon on his shirt.

Mind you, I've been known to be wrong on occasion.

gdg said...