Sunday, March 7, 2010

Season Six, Bout Six recaplet

I'm still alive, so I surmise that the recaplet that I'm wrote last time for the DNN must have been reasonably decent.  As before, drop me a note for recaplet feedback.  The full recap will be available later this week.

If you're curious why some of the best plays of the games (including launches, slow-pack countermoves from the Dolls, and a Tara Skatesov rampage so intense she turned Gamma-Ray Green) didn't make the recaplet, that's because the format for these things at DNN central is...particular.  And brief.

Atomic Bombshells defend for the win against the Garda Belts, 67-42

Part of the penultimate bout of the MNRG's season, the Gardas needed a strong win (47 or higher) in this match to displace their opponents as entrants into the finals.  They had a nice start as Garda jamming monster Suzie Smashbox outpaced the Bombshells' Mae Gusta for the first four points of thisgame...but the Atomic Bombshells returned fire as Venus Thightrap and Mae Gusta scored eleven unanswered in the next two jams.  11-8 Bombshells after ten.

The Gardas then lost five minutes of scoring time as rookie jammer Cassie Rolle was forced into the box twice over four jams.  The Bombshells stranded Cassie repeatedly and scored eight during the ensuing jamming drive.  While Suzie scored another five points for the Gardas in the next jam, that would be it for her team in the half (Bombshells up 23-13).

The Bombshells took five of the first six second-half leads, scoring twenty-seven points in ten minutes. That included a 13-point jam from Mae Gusta; Mae had a breakout match in the absence of fellow Bombshell jammer L'exi-cuter.  Meanwhile, Suzie Smashbox bore the brunt of a squeeze from the Bombshell co-captains and second-year players Diamond Rough and Tara Skatesov...containing her to just nine points over the same period.  Bombshells ahead 50-22 with 9:05 remaining.

Suzie began a comeback, scoring her first slam-plus as Tiki Torture and Citizen Pain provided coverage.  Cassie Rolle then scored four of her own to bring the game within seventeen. That was as far as the Gardas got; Suzie did not report to the line in time for her next jam, so Mae Gusta scored another eight unopposed. From there, the Bombshells maintained the lead.  Winning 67-42, the Bombshells are only one win away from the MNRG's Golden Skate and an undefeated season.

91 Suzie Smashbox     (8-12) 38pts
350 Cassie Rolle     (2-7) 4pts
c² Angelfire     (0-5) 0pts
H8U Tiki Torture     (0-1) 0pts

456 Mae Gusta     (7-11) 41pts
55 Venus Thightrap     (5-8) 19pts
3 Mitzi Massacre     (1-1) 4pts
21 Tara Skatesov     (1-1) 3pts
88 Jocelyn D'Jewels     (2-4) 0pts
313 Misfit Maiden     (0-1) 0pts

Rockits soar to finals against Dagger Dolls, 129-37

The rookie Dagger Doll jammer Killamon Jaro scored first blood with a grand slam as she sped past her opponent and found her own line amidst an infamously-stiff Rockit pack.  However, the Dolls then fell flat as three of their next four jammers went to the box on track-cutting and back-blocking.  The Rockits, using slow-pack tactics, grabbed three double slams and forty-two points during the ensuing power jams.

After twelve minutes, the Rockits had taken a convincing lead 42-5.  The Rockits continued to build on their score, rotating through five scoring jammers in the first half.  Rockit blockers kept a lid on the Dollys, allowing them to score only a combined sixteen points in the last eight minutes.  Rockits up, 60-21.

The Rockits scored an average of six points each jam in the second half, and took the lead in every jam but one.  Despite strong hits from individual players, the Dagger Dolls could not contain the Rockit jammers within the pack.  After eleven minutes of sustained attack, the Rockits hit the century marl, 100-29.

Sparkle Ninja grabbed the Dolls' only lead of the half for three, but an inside track-cutting penalty sent her to the box at the end of the jam.  The Rockits' Harmony Killerbruise took the next lead and scored nine of her 59 points in the ensuing minute.  Scarmen Hellectra, Icepack, and Harmony (again) finished out the half with twenty points between them to bring the game to its conclusion.  With this win (129-37 at the end of regulation), the Rockits have won the second berth to the finals, where they will take on the only team - the Atomic Bombshells - that has beaten them for the Golden Skate.  Hope to see you there.

75 Harmony Killerbruise     (7-10) 59pts
318 Abbie Mischief     (3-3) 29pts
28 Scarmen Hellectra     (5-6) 21pts
LXIX Vuedoo Prodigy     (0-1) 13pts
6 Trixxie Whipsum     (1-2) 4pts
45 Ice Pack     (1-1) 3pts

9 Killamon Jaro     (3-6) 19pts
109 Psycho Novia     (1-8) 10pts
1111 Sparkle Ninja     (1-5) 4pts
281 Patently Offensive     (0-3) 4pts
FU Scootaloo     (0-1) 0pts

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