Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Wheelies

It's Wheelies time! Every year our players, refs, and volunteers travel to an undisclosed location, crack open a PBR (and maybe sneak in a flask or two), and honor the best of our best for two hours of tears, cheers, and fairly awesome dresses. On May 1st we honored the following players:

Fan Awards:
Favorite Jammer - Suzie Smashbox
Favorite Pivot/Blocker - Vuedoo Prodigy
Favorite Rookie - Killaman Jaro
The Lappy - Vuedoo Prodigy

League Awards:
Most Valuable Minnesota RollerGirl - Vuedoo Prodigy
Rookie of the Year - Killaman Jaro
Head Trauma (MNRG founder) Legacy Award - Rumblebee
Most Improved - Cassie Rolle
Hardest Hitter - Vuedoo Prodigy
Speed Demon - L'exi-cuter
Best Attitude - Mitzi Massacre and Citizen Pain (tie)
Purple Heart - BOOMbay Safire
Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking - Abbie Mischief
PBR RollerGirl of Honor - Scootaloo
Most Charitable - Skullateral Damage
The Towelie - Mitzi Massacre
Volunteer Lover - Skullateral Damage
The Golden Supporter (volunteer of the year) - Apron and Garrison Killer (tie)

Team Awards - Atomic Bombshells:
Rookie of the Year - Double D. Fense
Team Spirit - BOOMbay Safire
Team Most Valuable Skater - Diamond Rough

Team Awards - Dagger Dolls:
Rookie of the Year - Killaman Jaro
Team Spirit - Gogo Galore
Team Most Valuable Skater - Shiver Me Kimbers

Team Awards - Garda Belts:

Rookie of the Year - Cassie Rolle
Team Spirit - Anita Spankston
Team Most Valuable Skater - Tiki Torture

Team Awards - Rockits:

Rookie of the Year - Wanda Wreckonwith
Team Spirit - Frau Scientits
Team Most Valuable Skater - Harmony Killerbruise

Team-Created Awards:
Atomic Bombshells' "You make a better window than a door" for cheerful and awesome door opening - Crush with Eyeliner
Dagger Dolls' "The Frank Lloyd Wright* (keeps popping up wherever derby is)" award- Wet Spot
Garda Belts' "The Boner Award" for pointy elbows and shoulders - Abbie Mischief
Rockits' "Octopussy Award" for most likely to give you a hug in the middle of a jam - Tara Skatesov
*The Dagger Dolls, who love fun, were playing Apples to Apples and the Frank Lloyd Wright card kept popping up!

Best Attendence:
Diamond Rough (Atomic Bombshells), Umpire Strikes Back (referee), and Wernher von Bombed (referee) tied for most practices with 66 each.
Dagger Dolls - Ova Achieva with 64
Rockits - Ice Pack with 61
Garda Belts - Anita Spankston with 54

Stats Awards:
Best Jammer - Harmony Killerbruise
Best Blocker - Tiki Torture
Best Pivot - Coochie Coup
Best Assister - Diamond Rough

Referee Awards:
Sugar - n Spice: Tiki Torture
Not so nice: Harmony Killerbruise

Buffy the Vampire Skater
Honeydew Felon
Misfit Maiden
Pain Gretzky
Rolls Wilder
Scarmen Hellectra
Trixie Whipsum

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