Thursday, August 26, 2010

Season Seven begins with fifteen new faces.

At an undisclosed location on Thursday, August 19th, the MNRG welcomed fifteen new players to the ranks of their home teams.  Of those fifteen, five came from other leagues (the Mad Rollin' Dolls of Madison, Minneapolis' own North Star Roller Girls, and Angel City in Los Angeles), nine players new to our sport from recruitment, and one from our own team of refs.  In addition, we recruited two new referees and a new announcer.

Because of the new season schedule, these fifteen rookies will have much to learn about their respective teams in a very short time.  Rookies have not traditionally played for their home team before January, but this year they will play in two months on October 16th.  Watch for these players, derby fans.

The Atomic Bombshells welcome to their ranks:
Hurtrude Stein
Bully Jean
Freeze Baby
Smoka Hontas (formerly of Angel City)

The Rockits welcome to their ranks:
Commander Nix
Salvador Brawlie
Kit Shinkicker

The Dagger Dolls welcome to their ranks:
Juke Boxx (#1 draft pick, formerly of Mad Rollin' Dolls)
Naughty Kitty (formerly of the North Star Roller Girls)

The Garda Belts welcome to their ranks:
Dropkick Donna (formerly of the MNRG referees)
Sintripetal Force
Wolf Bite
Betty LaRude (formerly of the North Star Roller Girls)
Shiva Shankn (formerly of the North Star Roller Girls)
Moto Fluzzi

The referees welcome to their ranks:
Winona Collider
Ro Hoe

Watch also for Kodiak and Head Shot, our new announcer and photographer, in amidst the crowd at the Roy.

We have even more developments in the team lineups for season seven.  We announced several returns in May, and it is our pleasure to announce more.  If you've been a fan since the beginning...well, you're going to love this news.

The Garda Belts welcome to their ranks:
Glam Slam (formerly a ref, formerly of the Atomic Bombshells)
Ann E Briated (retired in season five)

The Atomic Bombshells welcome to their ranks:
Lizzy the Axe (former Bombshell and Garda Belt)
Flora Flipabitch (whose retirement lasted only slightly longer than that Favre fella)

The Atomic Bombshells also welcome as their new bench coach:
Rocky Whorer (former head ref of the MNRG)

Please welcome with us the class of 2010!

That's the news.  More to come.

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