Sunday, January 4, 2015

Same Management, new blog

Oh, that's right. There's a blog here.

My name is Drew Johnson. In the world of roller derby, I appear to be somewhat well-known as this past year's bench coach for the Minnesota RollerGirls. I've been their reporter/sports writer for some time, but that time has come to an end as my family moves to the Seattle area.

Why are we moving to Seattle? It's not for the roller derby, although the Pacific Northwest is particularly well-known within the sport as a hotbed of activity. Instead, I'm going west to join Microsoft's Operating System Group (hereafter referred to here as OSG).

I have used FB rather a lot over the past years due to work with roller derby and family information-sharing, but I have no great love for the Beast of the Valley and its microblogging. I am a wordy fellow.

Due to this, I may restart the Fourth Eskate as a story of the transition from Saint Paul-dweller to denizen of Washington.

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