Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Robbers stick it to the Woman - 81-56

Robbers stick it to the Woman - 81-56

It was a bout of Cops and Robbers for the first match of November's MNRG event at the Roy, and Buffy the Vampire Skater - retired ex-captain of the Atomic Bombshells - scored first blood for the bad guys against the Cop called Sweet Justice in this league mixer.  Buffy took the lead as her teammate Tara Skatesov dumped Hell N Ready to the ground; Buffy passed Hell N and another cop for two on the jam.  Killaman Jaro continued the Robbers' ascent by scoring two while fellow Robber Killahertz held back her opponent Rumblebee.  Quick two jams, but the link up between robber defense and offense got the team off to a good start. 6-0 Robbers.

Anita Spankston and the Cops responded in kind as Anita took a whip to bypass Candi Pain's front blocking for four points.  Woman-in-blue Shady O'Dread jumped in for another two off of a power play as Robber jammer Killahertz back-blocked her way into a visit to the penalty box.  Sweet Justice continued the run by the Cops for two, but allowed her opponent Scootaloo to score before calling off the jam. 12-10 Robbers with ten minutes left.

The Robbers looked ready to light a new fuse as rookie Killaman Jaro grabbed a lead from opposing jammer Abbie Mischief.  Robber Konceal N Kari gave her scorer a glorious whip into a lapping run...but 'Jaro got sent to the klink on what appeared to be a track cut as she came off the whip.  This gave Cop jammer Abbie the moment she needed to explode from the pack.  The all-star jammer scored a double-slam-plus for 14 points on that power jam, and the coppers took the lead 24-15 with six minutes left in the half. 

In the next jam, Rookie Robber Ova Achieva broke through the pack without the lead and scored four before falling afoul of the penalty box herself; her opponent CleoSPLATra grabbed only two after a slight miscommunication between the veteran and the ref staff.  While Ova cooled her heels, Shiv and Let Die attempted to juke her way through the pack, only to be launched through the air at turn 3 by Tara Skatesov into the appreciative crowd.  While the Cops attempted to get Shiv past Tara, Rita Rawkus, and Buffy, Ova Achieva stole out of the penalty box and shot through the pack twice for five.  The lead change - off of a seven-point jam - came two jams later as Ova again burst through a short-staffed Cop roster - a yeoman's work from the rookie!  With that, the Robbers were up by five at the half, 31-26.

Robber blocker Tara Skatesov donned the jammer star at the start of the second half and took the lead despite a hard elbow from Anita Spankston.  Tara shook it off and scored five, but allowed Rumblebee to score before calling off the jam.  Tara gave the star to rookie Patently Offensive for the next jam, who sped past the pack and began accelerating.  She wasn't quite able to stop in time as she reengaged for the lapping pass -  hurtling into the Cops line instead of through it - but still was able to grab four for her team.  Trixie Whipsum jammed against Sweet Justice; Cop blocker Alisin Chains attempted to keep Trixie back with some booty-blocking, but the wily veteran bypassed her and was able to score one.  40-29 Robbers after five minutes of the 2nd half.

Tara Skatesov took the next lead and found nothing but clear track, scoring fourteen on the jam.  In her zeal for scoring, opposing jammer Anita was able to grab four before getting mugged by Robber co-captain Shiver Me Kimbers.  Patently Offensive added more kerosene to the fire with a four point jam as she took a fast outside line for the lead while Abbie Mischief got caught up by Flora Flipabitch, Rollercat, and Trinity Knox.

The Cops got their last major push as Robber jammer Whipsum got sent to the box.  Shiv and Let Die, then Abbie Mischief both scored on the power jam opportunity...but some superb blocking from Robbers Sinaminn and Optimiss Crime kept Abbie occupied while Trixie returned from the box for four points.  After a quick scoreless jam, Anita Spankston grabbed a fast four for the Cops, bringing the score to 65-50, Robbers up by fifteen with five to go.

Tara next scored her second double-slam of the game while Sinaminn, then Shiver Me Kimbers dropped Abbie Mischief into No Man's Land outside the turns.  Rumblebee scored four jamming against Patently Offensive, but the young Robber still stole two points.  Trixie Whipsum finished off the bout in a power jam for four off of a mistimed hit by CleoSPLATra while waiting for the jammer whistle to blow. The crowd went wild as the Robbers held up the MNRG tradition of the bad guys winning in league mixers. Zombies, punk rock (punk bad?  Really?), devils, and robbers have all succeeded; will the Supervillains make it 5-for-5 in December?  You'll just have to be there to see it.  Final score: 81-56.

Your bonus stats (provided by MNRG statistics...preliminary numbers):

Lead scorers - Robbers:
Tara Skatesov - 29 points over 3 jams
Ova Achieva - 16 points over 3 jams
Patently Offensive - 10 points over 3 jams

Lead scorers - Cops:
Abbie Mischief - 24 points over 4 jams
Anita Spankston - 12 points over 3 jams
Rumblebee -  7 points over 6 jams

Pizza Luce player of the game: Tara Skatesov

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