Sunday, February 7, 2010

Season Six, Bout Five recaplet (experimental)

Attention regular readers (not for publication):
- this is not the full recap.   The DNN has asked for shorter recaplets for publication in a very defined style in the weekly 'weekend in review'.  We're giving it a shot for the rest of the season and we'll see if we like it.
- I look forward to feedback on this.  Not used to being so terse and making some snap judgements on a forty-minute match before I've heard the tape.  Twenty-four hour turnaround is a bit weird.

Rockits Take Out Garda Belts 118-43

This rematch of last year's season championship (Rockits won 92-31) began with the Gardas holding a small lead from fast-moving jammers Suzie Smashbox and Angelfire.  The Garda defensive machine - led by lone-wolf Tiki Torture and co-captain Citizen Pain - held the Rockits to just 12 points in the first twelve minutes (15-12 Gardas).
That changed when Suzie Smashbox went to the box, giving Rockit Harmony Killerbruise a power jam opportunity.  Noting the advanced position of the Garda pack, the Rockits trapped a Garda and halted.  Harmony started sprinting and the Gardas in front found themselves well ahead of the halted pack, unable to engage Harmony.  Harmony sped for eighteen and the lead change (30-18 Rockits).  Suzie returned to the box the following jam, and the Rockits took over. By the end of the half, Rockits had increased their lead, 46-19.

The Rockits continued to take every advantage given to them by the Garda Belts in the remainder.  Garda jammers sat in the box seven minutes of twenty during the second half, and in only three jams in the second half did the Garda girls in green have a pivot in for the full jam.  Garda veteran Rumblebee was expelled after four major fouls in the first ten minutes.  The Rockits effectively doubled their score during those ten minutes, 91-25 Rockits...including another triple slam from lead point-scorer Harmony Killerbruise (58 points, 5 for 7).

As the clock ran down, Suzie Smashbox and Angelfire grabbed the Gardas' only three leads of the half, but even those jams could not consistently break past a superb Rockit line.  Final score: 118-43 Rockits.  The Rockits are now in second place in the league with one game to go; Garda Belts fall to third.

Atomic Bombshells Befuddle Dagger Dolls 63-38

The Atomic Bombshells began the first half with ten straight lead jams and kept the Dagger Dolls scoreless until the 8th minute when Dolly jammer Psycho Novia took advantage of a power jam off of L'exi-Cuter and scored eight.  26-8 Bombshells with ten to go.

Following that jam, the Doll defensive front--led by Shiver Me Kimbers and Wonderbroad--held the Bombshells to only eight more points until the end of the first half's final whistle while their scorers led the last two jams and scored twelve more.  The refs also took Bombshell co-captain Misfit Maiden out of the game on a gross misconduct violation to the vehement boos of the fans.  Bombshells ahead at the half, 33-20 Bombshells.

The second half was far more even in terms of lead jams (in fact, the Dolls went slightly ahead with leads), but the Dolly jammers could not break through the pack quickly enough to keep the opposing jammer from nipping at their heels.  Psycho Novia led an early rally, scoring ten over the first three jams, but the Dolls did not score again until the eleventh minute of the twenty-minute half as their jammers slammed into a constantly-recycling wall.  At that point, the Bombshells had increased their lead to 48-30.  Dolly jammers appeared to balk at the very thought of trying to break past Bombshell blockers Diamond Rough and Tara Skatesov, while Bombshell jammers patiently added to their score by fours and fives.  The game finally cracked open when L'exi scored nine on a power jam late in the second half (she led the game with 36 points overall while Psycho scored 30), and the Dolls simply could not recover.  63-38 Atomic Bombshells with the win and an near-lock on a ticket to the season championship in April. 

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